Travelling to Africa is one of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences, facing nature in its wildest and most fascinating aspect; you will be charmed and captivated by an incredible variety of landscapes, with beautiful unique geographical features. It's a huge country that commands respect, with hunts and silent ambush, with desperate life-and-death struggles and touching meetings after a lucky escape. The experience of travelling in Africa reveals the ancestral roots that tie all of us to this territory. For this reason our heart and senses will feel trees, people and animals as a whole in the immense African landscape.

An old Kenyan proverb says: “haraka haraka haina baraka ” … “haste never rest” … Taste every single thing of that land, mother of all the lands, that you will cross. Sometimes, you stop, and listen to its silences, full of a thousand words; take off your shoes and draw strength and energy from the surrounding environment; this land will protect and guide you. Have a good trip, man! Only real men can do what you are about to do! “

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